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Vendor Challenges in Energy Solutions

Limited Market Reach

Connecting with building owners seeking energy solutions can be difficult, limiting your market reach and business growth.

Time-Consuming Proposals

Drafting customized proposals for each project takes significant time and effort, reducing your overall efficiency and productivity.

Complex Incentive Navigation

Identifying and applying for numerous available incentives and rebates can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Project Coordination Difficulties

Coordinating multiple stakeholders and managing project timelines can be complex, leading to potential delays and increased costs.

Energy Modeling

Financing Summary

Detailed Incentives

Retrofit Recommendations

Seamless Vendor Integration Process

BlueUrbn offers vendors like Solar and HVAC Installers, Energy Auditors, Lighting Companies, Window Dealers, Building Energy Management Platforms, and many others an opportunity to reach more customers and streamline project management. Our platform automates energy modeling, consolidates rebates and incentives, and provides customized proposals, saving you time and effort.

Get started quickly with our streamlined onboarding process, designed to integrate your services smoothly.

Step 1: Register & Create a Profile

Sign up on our platform and create a detailed profile showcasing your services and expertise.

Step 2: Get Verified

Our team verifies your credentials to ensure you meet our quality standards.

Step 3: View Project Opportunities

Start receiving project opportunities tailored to your services and expertise.

Step 4: Submit Proposals

“Submit competitive proposals for the projects that interest you.

Step 5: Secure Financing

Win bids and secure innovative financing with building owners looking for your solutions.

Step 6: Manage & Execute

Utilize our tools to manage timelines, resources, and ensure successful project execution.

What Our Vendors Say

Vendors praise BlueUrbn for streamlining project management, enhancing client connections, and significantly boosting their project pipelines with its innovative platform.

“BlueUrbn is a valuable tool to identify cost-effective opportunities to retrofit buildings. Whether it’s 1 building or 100, it’s a science-backed tool to help you meet your targets.”

Colin Milner

Partner, RUHL

“Thanks to BlueUrbn, we’ve showcased our services to a wider audience. Their innovative approach to energy modeling and incentive management is unmatched.”

Patric Davis

EcoEnergy Partners

“BlueUrbn has been a game-changer for our business. The seamless connection with building owners and detailed project recommendations have helped us close more deals.”

Michael Lee

SolarBright Inc

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